Monday, August 20, 2012


Hello again!
After the nice and smooth start last week, i 'd like to continue with some more of my thoughts and experiences i had so far with starting this blog.
when i decided to start, i had no clue how this works. so i was a little overwhelmed by the fact, that i need a name for it. i couldn't find one.
so, since at least two of my family members ( my husband jan and my sweet daughter amelie) are extremely into competitions - not always fun, believe me- i asked them to find a name. the price was, that i cook whatever the winner wants me to cook.
as i already mentioned last time, jan found the name.
so, his wish was wiener schnitzel, kroketten (this is similar to french fries, but actually made with mashed potatoes) and götterspeise (this is usually something like jelly-o). yak.
so for the götterspeise i told jan im gonna buy it, but he nailed me down, that i promised that i cook myself. well.

so i took organic gelatine, one liter (about 4 cups) of raspberry juice, one cup of grenadine juice, sugar and fresh raspberries. 
i put the gelatine in cold water until its soft. 
then i heated up the juice and the sugar. it needs to taste quite sweet.
when the juice is hot, but not boiling, i stir in the gelatine until its completely gone. if you cook it, it doesn't work!!!
then i put in the raspberries.
i fill it in glasses and let it cool down in the fridge for a couple of hours. 
shortly before the meal i decorate it with whipped cream and some berries.
its very refreshing, kids will love it!! and so much better than bought jelly-o. and all natural.

the second thing was the wiener schnitzel. that was easy, because the whole family likes it i make it anyways sometimes.
so you take good meat. the original wiener schnitzel is made with calf meat. I'm using sometimes pork, sometimes turkey. good quality is important.
then you take three bowls. one with flower, one with scrambled eggs and one with bread crumbs. put some salt on the meet and then put it first in the flower, than in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs. the meat needs to be covered from all sides. 
heat good oil in a pan and fry the schnitzel in it. use enough oil! don't use too much heat.
when the schnitzel is golden brown and crunchy, its done. yum!
serve it with slices of organic lemons. everybody can squeeze the lemon juice over the schnitzel themselves. yuuuum!!!!

i put the cover of silence over the kroketten. i bought them -ready to heat- at the supermarket. hm. shame on me. don't tell jan.

so we had a very nice and tasty winner meal. 

by the way, especially for my dear american friends: the original wiener schnitzel is not a typical german food! wien is the capital of austria! close, but not germany!

see you soon again! thanks for reading. blessings, yours ute



  1. very delicious! 10/10 for the schnitzel and the götterspeise. i can really recommend it!

  2. Agree! The Götterspeise was awesome ....and of course the schnitzel....

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