Friday, May 1, 2015


Friends, winter is over and slowly the sun gets more power. The birds are singing in the morning, little primroses stick their heads out of the ground.
It looks like the season is changing.
For me the chance of seasons always means, that something new, something fresh and something exciting is coming. Sometimes it also means, that we can maybe leave heavy and difficult things behind. There is a chance for a new beginning and new ways and good things to come.
My experiences in the last years show me, that all kind of seasons are important. There is a time for being busy and a time for being quiet and rest. There is a time for cheering old traditions and there is a time for going in completely new paths. There is a time for happiness and great joy, but there is also a time - I'm sorry for that- for hardship and grief.
At the end of the day, this is what makes us alive.
Looking at the beautiful and precious people around me, I also find, that the deepest and strongest relationships I have with those people who I went through smooth AND rough times.
When we moved last year from the very east of germany to the beautiful city of Nürnberg, a dear friend told me, that you have to experience all four seasons of the year in order to feel at home in the new place. She was right.
But I also think, to be very close to someone, family and friends, you have to go through all kind of seasons.
So be sure, there are easy AND difficult times ahead of us. But also be sure, that seasons
change AND ALL of them are precious. Even if they don't feel like it.

Different topic. Vegan.
No we didn't change our foodbehaviour into a vegan lifestyle. But our dear son Benedikt invited a sweet friend for a few days, who is vegan ( I have no idea if this is the right way to say it in english or if that means she is a vegetable. She is not!)
So we took the challenge of cooking some vegan dishes.
Pasta with tofu bolognese. It is really yummy, even though I thought before trying it,that I don't like tofu.
So peel and cut some cloves of garlic and roast it lightly together with some dried oregano in good quality olive oil. Then put a big can of peeled tomatoes in the pot and let lightly cook for at least 30 minutes. The longer the better.
Use the time to cut some carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms or what ever vegetable you like in small pieces. Also cut 400g of organic tofu in squares and roast it in an extra pan until light brown.
Put the vegetable in the tomato sauce and let it cook for another 15 minutes. Then put the tofu and one can of organic sweet corn in it and let it heat up.
Season it with salt, pepper, maybe more oregano and a little bit of red wine vinegar. That rounds the taste exactly up.
Cook vegan pasta (the real italian one is usually vegan), and enjoy your meal.
We all liked it a lot!

So dear friends. I hope you liked the read. Thank you for commenting. Please share if you like.
A lot of blessings,
yours Ute

very exciting news: My handmade stuff is available in a nice little shop in Nürnberg Südstadt,
Wodanstr. 61, Kreativ Depot.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hope never dies

Hope is an interesting thing. It is not visible, but keeps us from giving up and from just laying in the corner, waiting until everything is over and we die.
Hope is like an engine, that keeps us moving even though we don't want, we think we can't, theres no energy and no clue, which direction to move. Hope doesn't care.
At one point in my life I decided to never loose hope. There were times, when others, very dear people, lost all hope. In this moments, I decided to keep up hope also for them, if they are not able to.
Things I love to do.
Of course I had and have breakdowns, when I only see the dark and heavy. Of course I have times when I cry because I have the feeling I cannot go further. Of course do I fail in keeping up hope all the time.
But if the crying and doubting is over, I lift my eyes up, get up and start hoping again! A friend of mine was asking me, how I do that. Well, I just do it.
Quietness and a cup of tea.
And we have all reason to do so! For me my hope comes from my believe, that God is for me and my beloved, no matter what. But its also in the smile of a stranger on the street, in the helping hand of a dear friend, loving words from the family, beautiful flowers with beautiful scent, the joy of doing something you really love, in so many little details that make our life rich.
If you don't have a reason right now, to have a lot of hope: look at the small things in your life, that are good and positive and in the end, full of hope.
There is always ways to find solutions. There is always hope.
So, as you see, i'm back with new thoughts and inspirations with my blog!
Thanks for being with me.
Peace to you.

With the kindest regards,
yours Ute
"For I know my thoughts about you, thoughts of Peace and not for bad, to give you Future and Hope, says the Lord" Jeremiah 29,11

Beautiful flowers with beautiful scent.

My good friend Eddie.