Sunday, April 14, 2013


my dear friends.
it seems, that i don't get my posts done in a proper amount of time.
well, this is how it is. what can i do? so i hope you still enjoy the post, let me know.
recently i have a lot of time to think. I'm in  a situation, where i don't have a lot to do practically, so i think.
and while i was thinking, i realized, that I'm actually thinking always. no matter what i do, no matter if I'm under pressure or not, no matter if i feel happy or sad: I'm thinking.
and this is all kind of thinking too. it could be if i should buy an extra pair of sox or not, it could be if the gas fracking in germany will put us in danger or if the universe is somehow ending somewhere.
it can also be that i spend half a day thinking about the question, if green is a good color for a new purse or if it would be too special (in the end i decided, green is a great color for a new bag). or i think about it, if i should change my whole lifestyle in a more artistic one. I'm not far in this thought though.
when i ask my lovely husband, what he thinks, he would always answer "nothing". in the beginning of our relationship, i  always assumed, that he doesn't want me to tell. now, after many years and even more experience, i know, he's just not thinking a lot. at least not constantly. well, he must think sometime, because he comes up with actually a lot of great ideas. sometimes also stupid ideas, I'm sorry.
last week i was watching an interview with a famous actor in tv. the lady who did the interview asked, what he is thinking, when all the fans are freaking out. and he answered "i usually don't think anything!"
i just thought, how relaxing that must be, just don't think. because it can be really stressful and exhausting, if you think literally through everything you are hearing about. 
so i decided to exercise the not thinking gift.
what can i say? it worked!!! for 12 seconds.
so in the end i realized, that it is better to think a lot, than to have nothing in your brain, right? and, I'm just made this way. so i embrace the gift that is given to me. the good and the bad sides of it. here we go...
since i have not so many possibilities right now, to cook and bake how i usually do, i want to share with you a recipe that is great if its cold and snowy outside and that i made and took pictures of quite a while ago. its brat├Ąpfel (baked apples).
first you need some nice, sour apples. in germany we have boscop. thats the best kind for this recipe. cut them in half and take the core out.
then take some (frozen) raspberries, mix them with sugar (500 gram berries and 100 gram sugar), heat them up and the second they start to boil take them from the stove. fill the apples with the raspberries, sprinkle some almond peaces over it, cover it with some brown sugar and fill in some cream . bake it at 160 degree celsius (320 degree fahrenheit) until the apples are a little brown and soft. the cream will get thick and gorgeous. this tastes so good, you will start to cry most likely:-). 
so. this is it for now.
i hope you like it, let me know. i go and think a little more. maybe about the next post. better i start early :-).
be blessed, my friends. its good to know that you are somewhere out there.
love, ute