Tuesday, October 9, 2012


hello my lovely fellows. welcome again to my blog. as always I'm excited and I'm looking so much forward sharing some thoughts and pictures with you.
so the topic this time is: Apples!
fall has come, and its the right time to write about this special fruit.
i think, at least for us here in germany, apples are the classic type of fruit. before we knew bananas, oranges, kiwi, peaches and pineapples we had apples. recently  i read an article about the eating habits of people in the middle ages here in europe. they, of course, had apples. but they usually never ate them fresh, but only dried. isn't that interesting? i find it interesting.....

i have so many recipes with apples, that i probably have to do two posts about it. i start with a very delicious apple rose cake. it doesn't contain roses but it looks like roses.
you need 500g (2 cups) wheat flour, a little salt, yeast, 100g (ca. 1/2 cup), 150 ml lukewarm milk, a little real vanilla, 60 g (1/8 cup) soft butter. mix everything in a big bowl or use a kitchen machine. knead the dough until nice and smooth. cover it with a clean kitchen towel and put it on a warm place. there should be no cold air coming around the corner. otherwise the dough gets upset and doesn't rise.
take 6-7 sour tasting apples and cut them in small pieces. 
after approx. 45 min roll out the dough. put 5 tablespoons of blackberry jam on the dough, then a handful of walnuts or pecan nuts on the jam, some brown sugar and the apples on top. man, i hope you understand what i mean. but just be creative, you can do it :-). 
roll the whole thing up and cut "roses". put it with the open side up in a baking pan.    
let it sit for another 15 minutes.
heat the oven on 175 degree celsius. please google what that is in fahrenheit. I'm to lazy to do it right now.
bake for about 35 -45 minutes.
when it cooled down, put some powdered sugar on it. looks good, smells good, tastes good. and really german. i hope you like it.

ok, i looked up the temperature, its 345 degree fahrenheit. I'm just too nice, am i? please say yes. or at least think it.

so the second recipe are apple pancakes. make them for a breakfast invitation or a sunday afternoon coffee and cake time. with a nice cup of coffee, or, what i prefer, a very nice cup of tea and its perfect. if you invite some friends, you will win their friendship forever.
you need 8 eggs, 400 g wheat flour, some salt, 1/2 liter milk, 100 g sugar. mix all very well.
let it sit for 20 minutes.
take 4 apples, wash them thoroughly. cut them in quarters, take out the core house (I'm really not sure, that  this is the correct translation. please blame google translator.) 
anyways, cut the apples in a fan shape.
heat up a pan with some butter. put some of the pancake dough in the pan and a apple fan on top. fry it from both sides. serve it fresh out of the pan with some powdered sugar and maple syrup. 

so, to close this post, let me say this: apples are all around my place right now. I'm glad for this season and the many possibilities it brings.
we as a family are in a rather unsure and shaky position. but this is the season for rising hope and light on the horizon. 
in the coming weeks and months my posts will come more seldom and not regularly. but please stay with me and give some comments on my blog. 
its always a highlight for me and my lovely son benedikt, who helps me doing this. 
in this sense,
have a blessed time and looking forward seeing you again soon.
yours ute

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  1. Apple rose cake sounds deliciousssss!!! And yes, you are too nice for translating Celsius to Fahrenheit! Hahaha!